2016’s Top 4 Excellent Co-working Spaces on Earth


These days, shared working spaces or offices have surely blown-up. And any city which is competing to stand-up a tech or any innovation hub needs to have co-working spaces for potential entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers.

Instead of forgoing conventional office spaces or lengthy contracts, co-working spaces deliver compatible individuals a sense of community, a place to learn from others and valued networking potential.

Across the world, there are lots of co-working spaces that are known for their rich amenities, including conference rooms, gaming zones, pantry areas, ball rooms, and more. However, do you have any idea regarding the best co-working spaces in the world? We can have a look at the best and excellent co-working spaces on earth:

Coollabore in Itajai, Brazil

When it comes to talking about the best co-working space on the earth, Brazil is experiencing its fair share of growing pains as the developing market comes into its own. It’s time to shift through the noise and you can find regions of the country, which are moving the economy’s digital transformation ahead.

The co-founder of Coollabore is Mauro Federighi and she is extremely positive that Itajai is one such city, which can lead the charge on workplace transformation. She explains, “Itajaí has the second highest Gross Domestic Product, the highest per-capita income and it also is the main port of Santa Catarina (southern state).” She also added, “It has had a 718% GDP growth and recorded the opening of over three thousand companies in the last years.”

Betahaus in Sofia, Bulgaria

For worldwide entrepreneurs and remote workers, Easter Europe’s affordable rate of living is a starting point to visit Bulgaria. However, efforts inside the capital city of Sofia, are also mainly intended at appealing foreign interest and investment. Moreover, the local government has also made a focused effort to attract startups.

While talking with the reporters, the co-founder of Betahaus, says “We are still missing grown up startups and success stories. There are some good examples, however, we need more Bulgarian startups that raise bigger rounds, go public, make exits, gain huge experience and give back to the community.”

Proximity Space in Montrose, Colorado, USA

In Montrose, USA, Proximity Space is extremely popular for its enormous services and other facilities that it provides to its visitors. The place is being visited by various entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, businesses, and other individuals.

However, if you would assume that which is the #1 spot is in the United States, the prize would to a major tech hub like New York City, San Francisco or Austin. Proximity Space co-founder Dennis Lankes says, “Montrose is on the leading edge of what is possible when a community decides to face the future with intention and innovation.” He also added, “With a gigabit connection and main street frontage, Proximity Space has quickly become an anchor in the evolving downtown ecosphere.”

KAPTAR in Budapest, Hungary

Through Eastern Europe, the journey begins in Budapest. Moreover, the affordable rate of living and general ease of entering has desirous digital nomads and backpackers for years; however, KAPTAR needs to cement Budapest as a creative city for the long term. In addition to this, it is also influencing the Hungarian government to rethink legislation, which might be delaying growth.

Venue’s co-founders Dori and Aron says, “Innovative, young and fresh enterprises like KAPTÁR and many others in our broader ecosystem could and should be enabled by progressive regulations and targeted financial programs.” It also suggests that Hungarians, especially all those, who are at KAPTAR, have enormous ideas, but struggling to understand them alone.


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