Co-Working Spaces in India Flourishing & Grabbing Attention of Businesses

Co-Working Office

These days, a lot of people have different startups ideas that happen just over a couple of coffee meets.

As we all know that a lot can happen over a coffee, so thanks to the growing coffee shops. However, there comes a stage, where your idea becomes bigger and better, but coffee shops will not be sufficient anymore.

Every single penny saved is a penny earned and start-ups can’t have enough money to afford lavish companies and business centers. Entrepreneur’s agitation in order to achieve dreams can’t be limited to boring obtainable corporations, instead of it, they can opt for Co-Working spaces that gradually changes the landscape of the start-up ecosystem.

When it comes to talking about the Co-Working spaces, these are such places, where building a community that is vivacious and energetic, which your dreams look more realistic now. It is one such place, where professionals from different fields and industry come to work under one roof.

There will be one community that will not only compete with you but also gives you a shoulder when you fall down. However, the ideas of entrepreneurs’ sound like insanity to the world, but the community will surely find it meaningful and revolutionary.

As per the recent survey that conducted by Deskmag in 24 different countries among 661 people, more than 70% of the coworkers are happy with the co-working spaces as they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

There are various other organizations like The bureau of Labour Statistics, Forbes and more that conducted some surveys like 90% of people surveyed felt more confident and contended, 68% felt more focused and determined while 71% of people felt that they have improved their creativity abilities.

Coworking is no longer about providing a table, chair, and high-speed Wifi connectivity, it’s more about developing an ecosystem where dreams have no limits.

Even though this concept is completely new in India, more and more startups prefer co-working spaces for their work. They are exposed to enormous benefits of Co-Working. Moreover, the constant growing startups phenomena in metro cities of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities have convinced entrepreneurs to take this opportunity.

We can say that co-working spaces in India are like a startup garage in the US, even its far better than that. When it comes to talking about the startups, they get an opportunity to stay focused on the products that they are developing without worrying about the availability of needed support infrastructure.

According to Shesh Rao Paplikar, a Co-Founder & CEO of Bhive Workspace, says “The thought has evolved and startups in Bangalore are finding more value in a coworking space than owning or renting their own office space.”

Ultimately, co-working is not only about providing a table, chair, and Wi-Fi connection, it is more about developing an ecosystem where big dreams come true and have no limits.


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