Different Options of Coworking Spaces For You to Know

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With the increasing popularity of coworking space, a lot of individuals, professionals, freelancers and other businesses are opting for coworking space with varied options.

Ten years ago, we never imagined about working space alternatives, serviced offices, and the virtual office. Thanks to the Internet, cellphones and executive suites as there are many things that have been possible through these advanced technologies.

Moreover, individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals can work together in the one place as a coworking space is an open plan wherein space allows the group to work together and use it in a more professional way.

It is one such place, where there is huge office space is obtainable with a bunch of people employed in varied businesses in just the same roof. Let’s have a look at the different options of coworking spaces that you should know:

Coworking Communities

Among various coworking options, coworking communities are definitely the newest in the market. We know that coworking spaces are completely about offering more enjoyable places work and building a community network. However, it is also based on the shared values of the members such as sustainability, community, accessibility, and collaboration.

Talking about these spaces, commonly they have a combination of shared areas, community desk space, some of the private offices, shared use of a conference room. Considered as the best environment for creative types and open-minded people, coworking is not ideal for all those people, who needs privacy while working and need a silent place for working.

Along with the spaces, convenience is also important as coworking places include broadband internet connection, networked printing, free coffee or tea, fax/copy/scanning, projectors, social events, IT support and more.

Standard Shared Office Space

When it comes to talking about the standard shared office space, it usually located within another business’s existing office, and this is one such shared space that comprises private offices, booths of workstations. For companies and startups, this setup is extremely good as it has regular requirement of a conference room, manifold phone lines require privacy for their employees.

Moreover, these are shared office desks provide services at highly reasonable rates like shared break room, conference rooms, shared reception area, and more. Using documents, copying and mailing center and shared receptionists are sometimes comprised of a prorated share of the cost.

Business Incubators

Among different options, a business incubator is one such organization, which quickens the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. Generally, more than 15 to 20 startup companies are sharing these spaces, ensuring a hard, competitive admissions process.

Affordable rent is considered as the most attractive feature; however, the amenities comprise a range of business support resources and other services which include physical space, coaching, common service and networking connections.

Executive Suites

Managed by a facilities management company, executive suites are a completely furnished and equipped office and office building. Such companies rent individual offices or even whole floors to other companies.

Moreover, the shared office space has a traditional and professional environment, offering impressive addresses than small start-ups usually afford. If you are looking forward to getting a high-profile address to boost the credibility, it is the best option for you. The executive suite is also the best choice for companies, who require branch offices in other cities or states also.


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