For Coworking Spaces, Croissant Wants to be The Uber


Have you decided to start working at coworking space? It will be a right choice for you if you are working from home, café or any boring place. Coworking will change the entire way the way you work and manage it

These days, freelancers, small business entrepreneurs, and startups are cherishing the coworking spaces as they are a great place to work, where different freelancers, startups, and businesses come to work under one roof.

It is one such place, where one can get a team together without huge overheads, and they have lots of office resources on hand. Coworking spaces provide an in-between place, where one can put his/her professional hat on, socialize and get off that touch with more than 3.7 million people working remotely.

Providing more information, CoWorking spaces will make a better worker and studies also show that people in these open yet flexible work environment. Such environments are enticing to investors as all the coworking business proprietors and owners need to cover is rent and bills and then they sit back to watch the membership fees roll in.

It is one of the best proposals and why WeWork that is a coworking space with numerous offices across America, valuing at $16 billion in May 2016. No matter whether you are thinking that it was defensible or not, but it helped brood a range of copycats, comprising Industrious (just closed a $37 million Series B), Galvanize and Techspace.

These coworking spaces deliver similar services, meeting spaces, WiFi, coffee, occasion gym or Xbox and other amenities. Well, these places have limitations like opening times, locations and more that is where startup Croissant comes into existence.

Talking about Croissant, it delivers a completely different take on the coworking space, an Uber-style service. Instead of building their own space, they have signed up with lots of partners and enables you to access established coworking spaces throughout the city.

Moreover, they tried their service in New York and have expanded to San Francisco. Covo, Hatch Today and Treehouse that are just some of the companies, which signed up for the service.

However, Croissant is not the only one new company in the space as Coworker has also launched a few weeks ago, and they focused on being the Yelp for coworking spaces. They have scaled very rapidly and various American cities that they have offerings overseas, perfect for the digital nomad.

The biggest question that everyone has – is about their name. Garigarn said, “We used to buy croissants a lot when we worked from coffee shops because we felt bad for staying there all day. The idea is that instead of buying the pastry croissant, you can now use our membership Croissant as the pass that gets you a nice workspace!”


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