How CoWorking is Trending Among Startups?

Coworking Space is Trending

In the recent time, coworking space becomes extremely popular as it allows entrepreneurs, individuals, startups and other professionals to share a workspace.

Coworking spaces have gained huge popularity as these are such places that allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other independent workers’ pay a fee to share a workspace and benefit from working in the presence of other individuals and professionals.

Today, approximately 170000 people across the world are the members of more than 3000 coworking spaces as per the recent report by Emergent Research. When it comes to talking about these shared workspaces, these spaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals’ workers tend to feel hip and fun-loving; however, their success is more than cool design.

People, who are using coworking spaces, are happy with their selected places as they felt influenced and contented as per the Forbes survey. Moreover, more than 68% people considered more purposeful and 71% felt that they have improved their creativity. Gradually, Coworking is changing the landscape of the Indian start-up ecology.

In addition to this, these coworking spaces are developing a community that not only competes with you but also allows you a shoulder when you fall down. In the west, coworking is a more advanced process that made it easy for startups and individuals to work from their desired place.

However, in India, coworking has started gaining popularity as lots of people are getting an opportunity to stay focused on the products that they are developing without troublesomeness about the convenience of vital supporting infrastructure. The best thing about the coworking spaces is that they not only diminish the early cost of renting a business space, but it also provides a wonderful networking opportunities.


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