Privacy Policy

CoWORK Blog Content Policy

The CoWORK blog (a blog of CoWORK Official Website) collects registration and other some of the other information while registering. We collect this information in order to help our readers to provide with the best information that they are looking for. We believe in providing valuable information that is related to our services and appropriate for readers.

This blog is dedicated to protecting the personal information of the user and will make every possible effort to handle collected information appropriately. All the information that collected and gathered will be handled very carefully and efficiently as possible as in accordance with CoWORK’s standards for impartiality and integrity.

Content Boundaries

The mentioned content policy plays a very significant role in maintaining a positive experience for you the users. Kindly respect these mentioned guidelines. We may also change our content policy on a regular basis; therefore, please check back here. Please note that while applying the policies below, we may also make some omissions based on artistic, documentary, educational or scientific considerations.


If you are filling a content form on our blog or registering yourself with us, the data that you provide to use will be saved as long as necessary – based on the type of form or the content of your email to respond completely or handle the matter in question.

Click Patterns and Visitor

On our blog, the general visitors are registered. In this context data, in specific data like the IP address of your computer that may be registered and used for statistical analyses of visitor and click patterns on the website. We strive to anonymize such data to the ever extent that possible.

Using Cookies

Here, we make use of cookies in connection with the electronic that we are serving.We all know that a cookie is a simple and small file, which is saved on the computer’s hard drive. These cookies do not contain any kind of personal data and are making use of facilitating use of the site.

Third Parties’ Websites

This given statement doesn’t govern third parties’ sites, which are linked to this blog through a link. However, we advise you to read the privacy policy statements, containing on those websites before using those websites.

Inspection and Modifications to Your Data

In case if you would like to inspect or modify your personal data, please get in touch with us by sending an email to us at any time. We will make required changes to your provided data as per your need.

Alterations to the Privacy Statement

We, at CoWORK, has right to alter this statement. We advise you to review or read this statement carefully on a regular basis so that you make sure that you are aware of updated information. Keep visiting this privacy policy so that you keep updated yourself.