What are the Qualities of Sharing a Workspace?

Co-working Space

Do you know that something everyone needs at this moment is flexibility? Everyone like freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and other individuals are looking forward to one such place that gives them flexibility while working.

However, at the workplace, an increasing number of start-ups and freelancers are denying to take leases as they are into co-working. Day-by-day, working in a shared office desk becoming a trend, which has been instantly gathering pace.

Moreover, it ranges from grassroots gatherings of friendliness freelancers and entrepreneurs to commercial co-working centers, where you can easily rent enormous facilities on the hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. It bounces from corporate-minded serviced offices to sensibly curated hubs of concurring individuals.

Across the world, the growing of co-working industry is expected to boost 12,000 locations by the end of this year. In addition to this, there are at least 13 more big players in Auckland and growing number in other cities in New Zealand.

Today, Christchurch considered as one of the biggest players. As we all know that after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, there were lots of businesses, who were looking for momentary accommodation and co-working office is one that fitted the bill.

People prefer co-working spaces as they wanted to beat the isolation of working from home, cafes and other places. By working at co-working, people are boosting their networking as they are meeting various other professionals with whom they can discuss their project and get some new ideas. They can interact with each other and share their knowledge.

The best thing about the co-working place is that it offers many amenities like meeting or conference rooms, gaming zone, canteen, printing, fax machine, internet connectivity and more.

You would find a lot of co-working spaces that started with simple office and limited facilities, but today they have extended to commercial kitchens, unused warehouse space, art studios, gaming zone and many more amenities.

It is also estimated that by 2025, approximately 10% of workplaces could be co-shared and from a landlord’s viewpoint, it will open many big possibilities. Enticing a co-working hub or even running of the one is considered as a prospect. Fortunately, more than half-occupied shopping malls are seeing the possible.

Furthermore, co-working spaces have many other qualities, delivering enormous benefits to your business. Therefore, ensure that you choose one such place that meets your requirements and serve enormous facilities.


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