Will 2016-17 Be More Competitive Year for Coworking Spaces?

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Recently, a study on Coworking business predicts in the world, the sector that has been boosted by 50% in the past two years is going to develop more and likely to further increase in the coming year, according to the Global Coworking Survey 2016.

As per the research, the constant increase in the demand produces more business opportunities for investors in coworking. More than 40% of defendants reported that their biggest problem is to prospect new customers.

However, if you are also finding it hard and facing competition in the coworking space business, you can consider these below-mentioned tips that will help you to survive in the competition:

Devote in the Planned Value of Your Service

Do you know that it is highly important for you to comprehend that what your audience finds important in coworking space? As per the Global Coworking Service, one-third of coworking members are reporting as an issue and inadequate internet connection.

However, the sound and the absence of privacy touched respectively second and third in the ranking. Though these problems have been stated and none of these problems commanded members to consider them as reasons to leave the place where he normally worked.

Different reasons that controlled the members to quite the coworking space were the price and wish to change the environment and last one the sense of separation. Comprehending all these preferences and feelings is important to create surroundings, making their customers feel good where they spend most of their day.

Know Your Potential Customers

In case, if you do not have your coworking space and looking forward to entering the sector, it needs you to choose the best location. Many coworking workers are choosing to do home office.

And for the house desk does not get attractive compared to a coworking space as it takes the users’ to have easy access to your new workplace. You can also look inside the locality in which it is already installed if your company is established well. You can know opportunities to draw the attention of public with coworking profile for the being of your space.

Motivate Loyalty

Holding old customers is a lot simple task compared to exploring the new one. You can perform incentive programs for loyal customers as it is a great gain for the coworking environment.

At the time of bringing their clients to meetings or when commenting with other colleagues, these clients can generate more business. Through networking, knowledge, and experience, every single customer can add value to coworking and other members.

Therefore, since the space can glee the customer from value proposal, the chances of keeping for a very long period of time are high.


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